30Biz.com Home Business Success Kit: Money-making Scams Explained

Money Making Schemes: 30Biz.com

You've seen their ads on tv late in the evening: "earn loads of money in just a few hours per week!" 30biz.com uses meaningless catch phrases like "earn residual income".  Learn the "key SECRETS" in how to become part of "this multi-billion dollar a year industry". And then they push you to go to their web site for a "free" kit, book or cd... worth $59.99 (or more...)

We're currently researching 30biz.com.  If you have experience with them, please write us to tell us about their "program".

Feedback about 30biz.com

Feb 2007:

"In 2006, I went to 30biz.com on a lark. At that time, it had an extensive lead generation form for business opportunities.

Today, I revisited. It redirects to 78biz.com, which offers a "free" book. Obviously, the owner is using Cost Per Action marketing and is using the latest promotion.

It's all probably worthless to you the consumer, but a goldmine for the site owner!"

(CFR Note: cost-per-action refers to an advertiser paying per action of a consumer (such as a click on an ad, a sale being made, a visitor following a link and then completing a survey or signing up on a mailing list, etc.)

The Typical Scam "Money-Making Program"

Programs whose advertisements emphasis "get rich", "passive residual income", work as many or as few hours as you want", earn $5,000, $7,500, $10,000 or more per month" inevitably turn out to be scams, or at least gross exaggerations. Typically, this type of "program" hooks you with "get our book free" and then uses your name, address, email address and phone number to bombard you with junk advertising for scams and worthless get-rich schemes, or they then try to sell you other "money-making programs (worthless books, cd's, tapes, etc.).  And they will eventually want your credit card number... just so you can pay the shipping charge.  They willing to give you a $59 book for free... but they want you to pay $3.95 for shipping?  By now the alarm bells in your head OUGHT to be going off.

The get rich schemes DO actually work: for the guy selling the scheme!

Many have figured out how to earn loads of money... by carefully skirting around the pyramid scheme laws, selling garbage to victims.  There's no law that says that anyone, including companies like 30.biz, Isakson, etc. can't write a truly worthless book, then claim it is the secret to great wealth in minutes per day and then sell it to you for $99.

Here's what these programs typically say:

Technically, they are correct, follow their formula and you could make money:

  1. Write an utterly junk book, (or make a website with no valuable content) like theirs, about how to make money. You could write 200 pages of the phrase "Working hard is the secret to making lots of money." It doesn't matter if the book is good or worthless drivel. The book can be either a printed book, or a simple electronic version. 

  2. Make a website and buy ads to sell your "book" and promote your website.  Join the affiliate programs of other "money making programs" (there is usually a joining fee) and sell their junk.

  3. If enough people come to your website and buy your "book" or "program" and/or buy the books of the affiliates you recommend, you'll earn money.

  4. You probably won't be identified as a scam (except by us) because very few people are going to admit they were scammed and dumb enough to buy the book.

Isn't this illegal?

Because a "product" is sold and delivered, this is not an illegal scam. But the only difference between this and a pyramid scheme is, in a pyramid scheme the money is made by people buying memberships, distributorships, or paying a joining fee, whereas in these schemes you sell a product and become an affiliate to sell other's "products".  All are truly worthless pieces of junk, but the law allows you to sell junk.

Save your money.  The guys selling these "money-making programs", "passive residual income plans" will become rich, but unless you want to become a major scam artist like them, you won't.

And there are many better, legitimate ways to earn money than to join the ranks of the scammers!


Don't go to their website.  And if you do, DON'T give them your real name, address, phone or email!

And please let us know about any suspicious calls or emails you receive.  We look for patterns so that we can alert the authorities and victims to new scams, before it is too late!




For a comprehensive list of national and international agencies to report scams, see this page.