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Counterfeit Shoes: Nikes (and Others)

What You Can Do After a Fake Shoe Scam

If you bought a Nike or other expensive designer shoe and discovered it was a fake, you can report it to the manufacturer.  Although you obviously did not buy it from an authorized dealer, if you are polite, the shoe manufacturer might (and we emphasize, it is only a possibility) offer you a pair of shoes, or a discount coupon off their shoes.

Here's what you need to know about fake shoes:

Nike and other shoes manufacturers are aware of counterfeit products in the market and are working towards eliminating the problem. It's an uphill battle.

Can you determine if you have a fake? Unfortunately, because there is not one specific way to tell you if the product is authentic or not, but the manufacturers and others often post examples of fakes on their websites and in blogs. Of course, the manufacturers strongly encourage you to only purchase products from authorized retailers. Products purchased from a non-authorized retailer or auction sites are at your own risk.

If you want to report the fake shoe to Nike, click on this link for Nike's email contact form, or use this address or phone number to contact them:

1 Bowerman Drive
Beaverton, OR 97005-0979

Phone: 503-671-6453 (5am to 10 pm, PST)

Click here for the Nike website (use the link above for contact)

Here is the email (March 12, 2008) that prompted CFR to investigate:

I just saw this over the internet about a week ago regards to a big investigation at Chinatown, NYC about selling counterfit items (e.g.Designer shoes, bags, etc).  I saw an ad on Craig'slist about a pair of sneakers that I wanted for some time, and the pic he send seemed fishy cause it was dated 1/2007.  But I went thru with the transaction anyways cause he promised they were authentic items.  After I paid, he sent tracking info and I realized that the items were coming from Shang Hai, China and instantly became wary about the authenticity of the shoes.  After receiving shoes in the mail, and confirmed that they are counterfeits, I contacted seller numerous attempts to get a refund, he refused and continue to claim his shoes are not fake.  I'm not looking for any monetary returns, but would like to see this guy put behind bars for selling counterfeit items.  I have this seller's email, phone #, and a website.  Please investigate.  Feel free to contact me for additional info and the outcome of this investigation .

Thanks for your time.

Another consumer reported this on May 9, 2008: - NIKE shoes SCAM

I recently purchased a pair of shoes from now known as in April of 2008. The shoes are not fake. They are authentic Nikes. !!!HOWEVER!!! Upon looking at the manufacturer's tag inside the shoe I noticed they were manufactured in September of 2002. The Nike shox I bought were 6 years old. Despite the fact I wore them anyway. Within one week my seamingless beautiful shoes had completely worn out rubber soles (the bottom of the shoe). They are ready for the garbage. $70 bucks down the drain. The company simply knows someone who works at a Chinese nike factory who clears out the old inventory for the garbage, and instead of letting the shoes go into the trash sonneshine/binovo sells them to unsuspecting customers. A scam at its best. If anyone knows anything about rubber. Old tires that are purchased from a store can wear out in days as did these Nike shoes in one week! DO NOT BUY!!!!

PS the customer service is horrible and they make zero effort to return your money.


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