Product Scams

  • See current cases of false advertising, defective product investigations, exaggerated product claims, product scams and the court or FTC settlements.
  • Click here to search the FTC database to see if a particular company or product has been investigated for false advertising, defective products or other trade issues? Just search the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) database.
  • Chuck Wollery is busy hawking "the Willow Curve" for pain.  See this page for our take on it.
  • Low "T", Low Testosterone - and similar scam products - It turns out that medical authorities say this actually affects very, very few men and the advertisements enormously hype both the prevalence and the effects of their "products".
  • Kinoki Foot Pads - to remove body toxins by drawing them through the skin in your feet into a fabric pad.  We thought about writing a page about this, but honestly it's just so idiotic, that if you buy them, you probably also have a Q-Ray bracelet in drawer and nothing we could say would convince you that they are worthless. With regard to the Q-Ray, the FTC filed a complaint with the courts on May 27, 2003, after several months of investigation and preparation for litigation (see this page on the website ). Remember, just because a product is advertised on TV does NOT mean that its claims are true or approved by any government agency. They can say whatever they like in an advertisement, and hope the government doesn't notice or have the resources to go after them. But if you like to call Kinoki up just to express how you feel about their product, here is their phone number: 888-338-6921. Being such a reputable company, we're sure they'd love to hear from you about how happy you are with their product.
  • Right Size Smoothies: See what we have discovered thus far about this popularly advertised weight loss smoothie
  • Magnets and magnetic bracelets


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