Scam: Ernest Udoma, First City Monument Bank Plc Ghana

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Ernest Udoma, First City Monument Bank Plc Ghana

Mr. Ernest Udoma, claiming to be Manager in the Department of Accounts Division, First City Monument Bank Plc Ghana; but unfortunately, it is all fictitious, just a scam.  He's using the old trick of taking a real event (plane crash, in this case) with a real fatality that made it into the news, which enables them to provide a link to a real news story, such as CNN, that makes the rest of the story seem more believable.  As always, these wealthy folks just love to dies suddenly, without a Will and no known relatives. And always with millions of dollars in a bank, just waiting for you to help cash it out!  But lucky you, you share the deceased's last name!

Just another scam. Here it is for your entertainment.  We've highlighted some of the more obvious clues that it is a scam.

Ernest Udoma (  )


Subject: Dear XXXXX

Dear XXXXXX, I am Mr. Ernest Udoma, I am the Manager in the Department of Accounts Division, First City Monument Bank Plc Ghana. On December 30th 2002, one of our esteemed clients Mr. Andrew Talley, made a numbered time Fixed) Deposit, for twelve calendar months in my Bank branch. Upon maturity, we sent a usual notice to his forwarding address but got no answer. After a month, we sent a reminder and finally we discovered from his pact employees he was aboard the, Boeing 727 Beirut-bound charter Jet which crashed in Benin Republic during takeoff on December 26th 2003, see the below link for more news about the air crash: On additional inquisition, the Bank discovered that he died without making a WILL and all efforts made to locate any of his extended relatives proved fruitless. On further inquest, it was discovered that Late Mr. Andrew did not state any next of kin in all his certified documents, as well as his Certificate of Deposit here at the Bank. The total sum is US$9.5M still in my bank and the interest is being rolled over with the principal sum at the end of each year. No one would ever come onward to claim this money. In accordance with the Federal Banking Governing Body and Constitution, the account would be declared fallow and the proceeds would be revert to the possession of my Government if nobody applies as the beneficiary to the funds. As a result, I shall install you as a foreigner to stand in as the next of kin to this deceased, since you have matching last name with the deceased, so that the proceeds of this account could be released to you, for us to share. Upon your acceptance of this proposition, I shall give you comprehensive information on how this venture would be accomplished without any hitch. Moreover, we shall employ the services of a notary here for the purpose of procuring a letter of probate and to obtain all other pertinent documents in your name for the requisite documentation for immediate payment approval in my bank. The money would be shared in the ratio of: Fifty percent for me, forty five percent for you and five percent for any arising contingencies during the course of this transaction. I pledged that this venture would be accomplished under a justifiable pact that will protect you from any legal trouble and I will exert my significant influence in the bank to secure approvals and guarantee the successful completing of this transaction. Please be informed that your extreme discretion is required. If this proposition interests you, kindly reply me directly by email and indicate your readiness and willingness to finalize this transaction with him. Equally email me with your full name, your address, year of birth, your contact telephone and fax numbers respectively. Upon receipt of your positive response with the requested information, I will draft an Application letter you will endorse and send it officially to my Bank for them Administrative Processing and Approval in your favor. Thanks as I look forward to your timely and positive reply.

Respectfully yours

Mr. Ernest Udoma.



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