Fake Government Agency Scams: A Complaint Has Been Filed Against You at the IRS, by Mr. David Newman

Fake Complaints from Government Agencies and Organizations - How to Recognize Them and How to Report Them
From the IRS -
A complaint has been filed against the company you are affiliated to" by "Mr. David Newman"

Have you received an email call from someone claiming to be from the IRS , telling you "A complaint has been filed against the company you are affiliated to ". Beware!  Our investigation shows that this is a virus-containing attachment designed to steal information from your pc and use it to send out spam.

The name given may have been "Mr. David Newman", but they constantly change the names they use, so look at the pattern in the sample below.  Remember that these names may be made up, or them names of real people who are unaffiliated with the scam! Notice that the potential victim had an up to date anti-virus package on his pc, which detected and quarantined the trojan horse virus.

Read below for one person's account and the results of our investigation.

Dear <your name>,

A complaint has been filed against the company you are affiliated to, <your company's name> in regards to multiple unauthorized third party tax inquiries.

The complaint was filed by Mr. David Newman on 25/02/2008 and has been forwarded to the IRS and the US Department of Justice.

IRS Complaint Case Number: #8D93D9

Date: 25/02/2008

IRS Complaint with appropriate information attached.

You may find a copy of the original complaint and contact information for Mr. David Newman attached.

Disputes involving consumer products and/or services taxes may be arbitrated through the IRS. Unless they directly relate to the contract that is the basis of this tax dispute, the following claims will not be considered for arbitration:

Claims for personal injuries;

Claims that have been resolved by a previous court action, arbitration, or written agreement between the parties.

If an arbitration is required to settle the tax dispute, Internal Revenue Service offers binding arbitration service for disputes involving marketplace tax transactions. Arbitration is a convenient, civilized way to settle disputes quickly and fairly, without the costs associated with other legal options.

2008 Internal Revenue Service All Rights Reserved. 


The attachment frequently contains a backdoor trojan virus

How to Report a Fraudulent Organization, Agency or Business Proposal

  1. Please notify the IC3 by filing a complaint at www.ic3.gov and
  2. Forward a copy of the email the IRS (phishing@irs.gov and
  3. Send a copy to ConsumerFraudReporting.org (via the feedback form)

In the United States, you may also contact:

U.S. Secret Service
Financial Crimes Division
1800 G Street, NW
Room 942
Washington, DC 20223

Phone: (202) 4355850

Fax: (202) 4355031

Or contact the local U.S. Secret Service Field Office.


Contact the Foreign Commercial Service (FSC) at the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. If there is no FCS office, contact the American Citizens Services Unit of the Consular Section or the Regional Security Office.

For a comprehensive list of national and international agencies to report scams, see this page.



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