Job and Recruiting Emails: Bonas International Language School, Valencia,Spain

Job and Recruiting Emails: Bonas International Language School, Valencia,Spain

Have you received an recruiting email like the ones below, claiming to be from Bonas International Language School or other "schools"?

We have yet to hear from A SINGLE PERSON who has received a job through them.  If you have received a job through Bonas International Language School, Valencia,Spain or the others above, or have anything positive to say about them - PLEASE WRITE US! So far, all we have seen is very suspicious, at best. Read one victim's experience below.


Do you have a resume posted online? We'd like to hear from you about your experiences recruiting emails that turned out to be scams or misleading - click here to write us.. We suspect these are possibly a new wave of identity theft attacks.

Note: There ARE legitimate recruiting and employment firms on the internet, and some with very similar names to those above.  We recommend you check any company out before you give any personal information to them.  If they do not have a posted address and phone number, or don't answer the phone, don't give them any personal information! The legal recruiters will be happy to give you contact information, return calls and act in the open!

What to do, if you DID fill out their form:

Report it to the following government agencies:

Below is an email from a victim, followed by emails from the so-called "school":

I have fallen victim to fraud. I was seeking employment as an ESL teacher in Valencia, Spain, and got 'hired' by Bonas International Language School.

I should have known something was fishy since they don't have a website nor a school email address (it's yahoo).

Once I was hired they asked for a 'refundable' 250 euro deposit to ensure my seriousness on the position as 'many teachers back out once they are hired.'

So, I sent it through western union.

They then sent an email stating they needed 950 euro additional to finish the process,which I refused of course.

They kept insisting they were valid, etc. When I made it clear I was refusing the offer, they said they would send back my 250 euro to 'protect their good name,' which they have not done.

I know from what i have read that sadly I will probably not get my money back, but if i know I can save others from falling victim to their prey,that will make me feel much better.

Here is a copy of my 'acceptance' letter with the first money request, followed by the next one asking for the 950 euro. I have kept ALL coorespondance with them if you need it.


First email from the scammers: 

RE: teaching position‏

From: Bonas Intl sch Bonas intl sch ( )

Sent: Sun 2/17/08 8:18 AM

Dear  Susan,

After the interview ,we have finally approved your request to work with us,congratulations!!!!You are already one of us.Out of eighty two people that responded to this position,you are among the 6 lucky  people that are chosen.

Meanwhile,you have been advised to send a refundable commitment fee of 250 Euro to enable us commence necessary arrangement for your arrival.This is indeed a commitment fee,though we may be spending much money  for your arrival,the commitment fee will enable us to know the level of seriousness in you.We wouldnt like to commence the processing without getting this deposit from you.It will give us more courage to spend,our time,energy and money on your behalf.

This decision was taken due to the behaviour of some applicants who were employed to work in Spain,much money was spent to process their invitation letters,work permit, residence permit,travelling documents etc,but they never turned up,rather told their Employers that they have gotten a better paid job somewhere.

This payment has to be made immediately to  DAVID ADAM (he is incharge of the school's finance) Bonas International Language School,Valencia,Spain, through WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER.

As soon as the payment is made,do not forget to equip us with the details of the sent fund,eg.Money transfer control number,complete name and address of the sender should be sent to this email address.

Remember,we shall send you an  air ticket,invitation letter ,contract letter and other necessary  documents through DHL courier services to your door after the processing.Please note that the processing authorities made it compulsory that we must purchase your air ticket from here.

Remember that this refundable committment fee CAN NOT BE DEDUCTED from your first salary,the money is yours,we only need it as a guarantee .It must be given back to you upon arrival.

Oncemore,you are advised to send the data of your passport,(passport number)and the name of the particular airport( your take off point),to enable us purchase your air ticket without error.

As soon as our financial director informs us that your payment has been confirmed,we shall commence every arrangement to ensure that you start work at the appropriate time.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Warm regards,

Dr. Jeff Othans

Second email from the scammers

Hi  Susan,

We have obtained the visa/workpermit form from the spanish immigration,kindly fill the form,attach your most recent passport photo  at the space provided, and return it immediately to this email address, It has to be forwarded to the immigration tomorrow morning. 

Please be  informed that the processing is in progress,however,there are certain new procedures that have been recently introduced which has made the processing more costly and complicating as well,nevertheless,we must make sure  that everything is done on time. 

We are therefore asking you to assist us once more with additional 950 Euro to enable us complete the necessary payments,and send the processed documents to you through DHL courier service next week. 

We never intended to request  further funds from you ,it is only these new changes and other monetary increases in the procedure that has compelled us to do so. 

We are gradually  spending more than we have budgeted for your arrival.

It is not as if we dont have the funds,we have, but each activity has its own budjet at a given time, most of our funds are in the fixed deposit account,of which some will be due for collection in the next couple of months.                                         

The reimbursment of your funds will be seven days after your arrival.

We are really sorry for the inconveniences,thanks for your patients and understanding.

Your travel itineray and the picture of the staff who will welcome you at the airport on your arrival day will be included in the package to be sent.

Kindly choose from these dates,(8th March,9th March,10th March,)your prefered departure date,we will quickly book your ticket against your chosen date.

NB:You are kindly expected to send this money immediately in order to facilitate the processing.

Hope to hear from you immediately

Dr. Jeff.

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There are a variety of sleazy scams that look, at first glance, like legitimate job offers.  Before you write back to them, pause a moment and read about the scams below!

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