Conversation with a Lottery Scammer: What Happens If You Call Them

What will the scammer say when you call their phone number.  Read on for a transcript of an actual call to a scammer, as we pose as one of the "winners" he's notified by email.

As we've said on the lead page about lottery scams, there is NO SUCH THING as a legitimate lottery that "selected your email from a database" or a "computer ballot system".  IF you receive an email saying you've won a lottery and you didn't buy a ticket; it IS a fraud.  And obviously, this means that the people who sent you the email are criminals working a con.

Transcript of a call to a scammer

We called the phone number, and asked for "Mr. Paul Philips". A baby was crying in the background.

Scammer: The voice said: "Uh, hello."

CFR: "May I speak to Mr. Paul Phillips?"

Scammer: "Oh, yes, just a minute." Muffled sounds and few seconds later, the same voice returns.

Scammer: "Yes, this is Paul Phillips. Who is this?"

CFR: "John Smith. I received an email from him saying I won a lottery. "

Scammer: "Yes, you've won!".

CFR: "That's odd. I haven't bought any tickets to any lotteries."

Scammer: "You won through a computer draw of email addresses."

CFR: "From Euro League Promotions?

Scammer: "Yes."

CFR: "That's interesting. There are only two legal lotteries in the UK and neither uses email to notify winners, and to our knowledge, NO legitimate lottery uses 'computer draws" to select winners. Do you know that you are committing fraud and will go to prison? You should also know that we are turning over your phone number and this information to the authorities for prosecution."

Scammer: "click!"

There's no such thing as a lottery drawn from email addresses. The rather obvious proof is, if no one buys a ticket, they'd have no money to give to winners, would they? And if they say it's a "promotion", then what are they promoting and why haven't we heard of it? And if the money is coming from some benefactor or corporation, why on earth would those people give money to be randomly distributed to email addresses?

Original Scam Email , January 13, 2007

Attention: GANESH N. (Who sent us the email)

Be informed that after due verification you indeed emerged as the true winner of the star prize of Five Hundred Thousand Pounds (£500,000.00) Under Category ĎA'.

You are hereby advised to contact the disbursement bank legal adviser whose information(s) are stated below: -

Barrister Paul Phillips

Solicitors, Advocates And Commissioner Of oath

Address: Harbour Exchange Square, E14 9GB, London


Tel. No. +447045700555 ,Fax No +44 870 471 3035

He will assist you to carry out the endorsement exercise to enable the disbursement bank remit your prize money. Non - British Citizens are entitled to pay non-resident tax fee before their prizes can be remitted.

see attachment for winning certificate

You can personally come to UK and claim your prize with the assistant of Barrister Paul Phillips You must not involve a third party; you are to deal directly with Barrister Paul Phillips More also, keep your winning information confidential to avoid unscrupulous individuals from taken advantage of your information to complicate the release or misdirection of your prize money.

Winners are to claim their prize within 10 days from when notification was received or have their prizes declared as unclaimed



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