Microsoft / Diamond Scam Email

Sample Lottery Scam Email: Microsoft / Diamond Inter. B.V.
Attn: Winner"

This scammer doesn't waste time with spell-checking, punctuation, sentences or even a coherent theme.  Perhaps, he thinks just putting the names Microsoft and Diamond is enough.

If you read this one and think it is believable... well, stay home... for the rest of your life.  Really.  Don't ever leave.

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Microsoft / Diamond Inter. B.V.
Ticket no:50941465206-529.

Attn: Winner,

contact the claim dept Director: Dr. James Milton.


Claim Department Director,

Microsoft / Diamond Inter. B.V.

Contact Email:

You have emerged as the prize recipient of $2,500.000.00 in the first category of microsoft / Diamond lottery.

Find below your winning information to enable you file for your



BATCH No: 14/011/IPD.

ticket no: 50941465206-529.

Common signs that it is a scam:

  • The recipient "won" without buying a ticket (so where does the money come from?)

  • "For security reasons" you're not allowed to talk to anyone about it (especially the police or!) - which ought to be odd since lotteries thrive on publicity!

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