Did You Receive an Unexpected Collect Call? It is a Scam!

Have You Received Collect Phone Calls Telling Your to Cancel Their Service? 
It May Be a Scam!

If you have received phone call with a muffled recording asking you to press 1 to accept a collect call, you may be about to be scammed. Typically, they call asking that you reply with a STOP to cancel their locator service or if you do nothing, you will be charged $9.99 per month beginning the next day.  

Below are some of the phone numbers that have been reported to us as using this ploy and a reference link to other websites that publish forums  about these phone scams.

If you think you have been wrongly billed for collect calls from jail or for long-distance calls, contact the company listed on the bill. If they refuse to reverse the charges, contact the phone company and the Better Business Bureau. Consumers should also contact the jail where the call originated as well, because deputies would want to open their own investigation to determine if a scam is being run out of a jail.

Reports from visitors:

  • Date: 2008-02-17: Phone: 866-478-8892 - also see this website. 
    This is the phone number that my caller id showed from a prison, wanting me to accept a collect call. I have received three such calls on 02/17/2008. I hung up and did not respond. Further, inquiry on the net showed a similar scam being reported in 2007. This is the first I heard of this scam, but will be looking for further help in stopping this harassment.

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