Phone Scams: Harrassing and Threatening Calls Claiming Your Owe Money. Example: (610)717-0267 or (646)481-0293

Have your received a phone call from someone claiming to be a lawyer claiming you owe money and will be named in a lawsuit or go to jail? It is a scam! Don't send them money nor give them any credit card, bank account or other personal information!

Scammers are not just busy on the internet, they are burning up the phone lines in attempts to scam people. See below for a consumer report of calls from someone claiming to be a lawyer, an analysis and links to other information about someone claiming to be a lawyer:

  1. Report received, January 21, 2011:

    I receive 2 voice mails on my cell and one at my parents house from a Jason Kenedy saying he was from a law office and that I needed to return his phone call and if I didn't call him right back that good luck on what was going to happen to me. It made me feel like I had unresolved financial issue that I didn't know about. He made it sound very serious. Like something would happen to me if I didn't call him back! He was very rude and knew my home adress and said they knew my social security number. That scared me! I googled the numbers they called from and found out it was a scam! They said they were from a law office and an ivestigater. The phone numbers are the following: (610)717-0267 and, (646)481-0293! Please find these people so no one else has to go threw the stress I went threw thinking I was going to jail or getting all my money taken away! Thankyou!

Information about someone claiming to be a lawyer from (610)717-0267 or (646)481-0293

There are several websites that focus on reports of scam phone calls.

A search on this number turns up reports that say this is

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What to do about it

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