Fake Viagra Contains Bird Droppings: Learn About This Product Scam Here

Product Scams: False Advertising, Misrepresentation, Exaggerated Claims and Products that are not "fit for purpose"
Fake Viagra - Bird droppings used in fake Viagra

You may have seen an advertisement for "Viagra" on tv, radio or in a newspaper or magazine, usually at much lower prices than from your doctor. You may have thought that the price seemed unusually low and the advertising claims seemed exaggerated and wondered why the government was allowing them to get away with it.

In this case, there are scammers making fake Viagra and using bird droppings, otherwise know as guano, New Zealand customs officers seized a shipment of fake Viagra and upon analysis, discovered that the main ingredient was guano - bat and bird droppings.  This is according to a scientist, Dallas Mildenhall, a principal scientist at the New Zealand government-owned GNS Science research organization, who was quoted in a newspaper (The Press, of Christchurch, New Zealand) on Saturday.

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