Sample Promotion Winning Scam Email: Global e-Lotteries - Global eLottery Promotions

Sample Promotion Prize Scam Email:
Global e-Lotteries - Global eLottery Promotions
"Dr Derick Morgan" and "Dr McGuire"

Global e-Lotteries sent you an email about their "Global eLottery Promotions" to tell you that there were 3 winning email addresses selected and your email "along with 3 others" won.  Say, doesn't that add up to 4?  Well, scammers dropped out of school, so they are bad at math, and can't even spell "February" correctly.  They do know how to cut and paste copyright notices and statements about the legal authority of the Lottery Act, but of course their own "lottery" is a complete scam and a fraud.

This is a very simple scam.  They claim you won a promotion, which is giving away millions of dollars based on a randomly selected email address.  The scam is obvious: it's simply preposterous to think that any company would randomly give away money to encourage you to buy their product. That would be self-defeating.

There are many signs that this is a fraud that we have highlighted in the email below, not the least of which are:

  • Email address ballot: There is no such thing as a "computer ballot system" or "computer email draw". No one, not even Microsoft has a database of email addresses of the type or magnitude they suggest.

  • Terrible spelling, punctuation and grammar - Scammers apparently don't know how to use spell checkers.  We assume they dropped out of school before that class. They use almost random CapItaLiZAtion and often can't even spell "February" or know that "22th" ought to be "22nd".

  • Using free email account: The scammer is writing to you from a FREE email account (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.).  Don't you think a real organization would use its own email, its own domain and website?

  • What are they promoting?  No one promotes "world peace" or "use of the internet" by handing out millions to random strangers.  That's just stupid to believe. And if they are promoting a product, then this must be the world's worst promotion, because no one has heard of it, outside of the email you just received.  

It is a typical scam sweepstakes winning notification. Also see these pages:

Sample scam email

Subject: Beneficiary of File Ref. number: GELI-UK/18-F042007413
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 16:51:31 -0500

Global e-Lotteries,
G9, Calmount Park,
Ballymount, Dublin 12, Ireland

Dear Winner,

GLOBAL E-LOTTERY PROMOTIONS announce to you as 1 of our 2 lucky winners Of this year draw held on 15th of FEBUARY 2007. All 3 winning Email Addresses were randomly selected from a batch of 265,000 international emails. And your email address emerged alongside with 3 other as the First category winner. Consequently, you have therefore been approved for a total pay out of 540,000.00 Pounds (Five hundred and forty thousand pounds) only.

The following particulars are attached to your lottery payment order.

(I) Winning numbers: 22 51 70037 11 27
(ii) Email ticket number: 001-1147-730-655
(iii) Lotto batch number: 31/GELP/lDl/018
(iv) File Ref. number: GELI-UK/18-F042007413

Please note that, you are to contact your claims officer immediately With the information given below.

Dr McGuire
Tel: +44 701-1132 540
FAX: +44 707-576-7547

You are to provide the assigned claims agent with the under listed information as soon as possible for the processing and release of your winning claims so do make sure your information's are spelt out accurately.
4. AGE:
5. SEX

Our winners are assured of the utmost standards of confidentiality, and Press anonymity until the end of proceedings, and beyond where they so desire. Be further advised to maintain a strict level of Confidentiality until the end of proceedings to circumvent problems associated with fraudulent claims. This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program. Note that the GLOBAL E-LOTTERY will not be held liable for any form of declination of winning claims so avail this opportunity now!

Once again on behalf of all our staffs, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Dr Derick Morgan.

Global e-Lotteries,

20lausanne road London, sw2 3jb England .U.K

1. All claims are nullified after 20 working days from Today.
2. Your Ref number must be in all your mails with the Claims officer.
3. Do inform the claims officer of any change of names or addresses.
4. Please do not reply to this email. Contact your claims agent.
NOTE registered with The Gaming Board for Great Britain under Schedule 1A to the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976, as amended (LOT 150/1837/2) and these lotteries are managed by Alladdin Lotteries Limited, the External Lottery Manager registered with The Gaming Board for Great Britain (ELM 150/10/1).___________________________________________________________________
Copyright 2005-2007 Global e-Lotteries Promotions. All rights Reserved.

And if you do respond to them, this is what they will send back:

Remember IT IS A SCAM - they will tell you you need to pay for courier services, taxes, fees, etc.

 Lotteries Giving Everyone a Better Chance


Global e-Lotteries,
G9, Calmount Park,
Ballymount, Dublin
12, Ireland

Dear Joe Smith,
Reference to your verification form filled, that you sent to us for the processing of the lease of your funds, in that regard you are hereby inform that Your details has been verified and your winning has been confirmed to this effect.
You are hereby cleared to receive your winning prize from our Europe prize distribution centre/Payment Office. However, if you are non-resident winner, you do not wish to come to Europe and receive your winnings in person, there is an option available to you via which you may receive your winnings in your location, why you have to contact the delivery company with the finalization procedures.
  The Alternatively if you do not wish to come to our Europe payment centre for any reason is via: Cheque Payment, please contact Mr. Lawrence kesta of Globalmax Courier International Parcel Delivery Service on this e-mail below:
The Globalmax Deliver on behalf of the e-Lottery will be responsible for the delivery of your winning sum to your designated address.
Here is your Winning Contacy Code (AQ11WWRZZA1) You Have to Contact the Courier with the Winning Numbers and you are also advised to complete the form and send it immediately to the Courier so that they can Attend to you Fast.

*Note that if you do not intend to come to the e-Lottery Claims Office in Europe for your winnings. is via; Cheque Payment.
However if you wish to decline the services of the Globalmax Delivery Company, you will have to come to our Europe Claim/Payment office and receive your prize-money in person. If this is what you want, do inform me immediately so that we can make arrangements for your arrival.
Note: Anybody under the age of 16 ! is automatically disqualified.. Congratulations again from all our staff.
Please always update me on how far you have gone with them so i can keep my record updated here.
Once again on behalf of all our staff, CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Dr McGuire.
20lausanne road London,
sw2 3jb England .U.K
Global e-Lotteries
Copyright 2005-2007  Global e-Lotteries Promotions . All rights reserved


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