Psychic Scams: Miss Kay or Miss Kayleen, San Diego, CA; La Jolla, CA or Sedona, AZ

Astrology and Psychic Scams:
Miss Kay or Miss Kayleen

Did Miss Kay or Miss Kayleen contact you? Can Miss Kay or Miss Kayleen help you turn your life around or "come into money"? People desperate to improve their lives will often turn to bizarre methods. While there are many religions and beliefs in the world, one thing is constant, scammers seek to exploit the desperation and na´vetÚ of gullible people everywhere. While it is often difficult to prove that an astrologer or psychic is a scam artist, because they are usually careful to speak in vague generalities and not make specific claims or promises, it is safe to say that ANY psychic or astrologer who contacts you IS a scammer. Their motive is money; your money. Sooner or later, that becomes apparent with all scammers.

See the report below from a victim of so-called astrologer and psychic, Miss Kay or Miss Kayleen (from San Diego, CA; La Jolla, CA or Sedona, AZ). 

Here is an example of the Miss Kay or Miss Kayleen scam:

I am a victim of a gypsy psychic and I've reported her to  Here is my report:

 met Miss Kay at last year's (2007) San Diego County Fair in Del Mar, CA.  I paid for a reading and I was impressed by what seemed to be her psychic abilities.  However, I now realized that she was using the 'cold reading' technique on me and she was good at it.  At the end of the reading she handed me a business card which I kept.  That encounter happened last July.  Over two months passed then I decided to make an appointment with her for another reading.  From that second encounter/reading and on she operated on me much like all the other psychics documented on your website. 

*  She first needed $ 1,000 to buy holy candles that she lights when she prays for her  

   clients.  I never saw these candles but I counted on her words and gave her the money.

*  Then, after a few meetings with her, she told me she needed money for each of the five

   churches that pray alongside her.  She needed to compensate each church in the amount

   of $ 2,700 each.  Again, I payed her the amount (totaling $ 13,500) thinking that if all

   those people prayed for me miracles could happen and my life could be better.  I really

   believed she could me a difference in my life.

*  Then during one meeting in late November she asked me to come up with a number.  I

    thought of the number '5' since all the numbers in my safe deposit box at the bank add up

    to the number '5' (2021).  I remember her then saying "Good.  5 times 5 equals 25,000.   

    Therefore I will need $ 25,000 to continue on and complete the work for you".  I gave her

    that amount as well as the holidays drew near.

So all in all she collected almost $ 40,000 from me.  The money was money I was counting on to hold me over during times I experience a slow down in my work since I'm self-employed.  It was my 'reserves'.  Now I'm really hurting financially.  I'm behind in my bills and I'm having to file an extension for filing my taxes with the IRS.

She fits the typical profile of a gypsy psychic.  Her small reading parlor is the size of a walk-in closet in this large multi-million dollar house within walking distance to the ocean in the upscale beach community of La Jolla, CA.  She has a picture of the madonna, crosses, bible and other catholic symbols in her parlor alongside with her tarot cards and crystals.  And yes, she played the egg trick/scam on me.  That alone convinced me that she is a gypsy of the immoral kind.  She took advantage of me at a time when I was having 'bad luck' in certain aspects of my life ... in my romances and finances.  She played on my desperation, she 'toyed' with me.  And when one is desperate one becomes very vulnerable.  And when one becomes very vulnerable one lets his/her guard down. 

After she collected all this money that she wanted from me by December, she started to want to see less of me.  Before the holidays, she was asking to meet with me inside her parlor once or twice a week.  Then, from January and on, she would just call me or have me call her from time to time just to touch base and see how I was doing.  Nowadays her phone would just ring or her voice mail would indicate that it's too full to receive messages.  She promised me her full attention before she had gotten the money.  She told me as long as she has blood left in her she would concentrate on ridding me of this curse laid on me when I was a child by jealous relatives on my mom's side.  Her excuse for not being able to meet with me as often as before is because she was needing to travel to Sedona, Arizona where I believe she also has a psychic reading practice.  Well, my life has not gotten any better.  In fact, financially it's worst.  This all the more convinced me over time that she is a fake and I was taken for a ride.  Also, after the holidays, in mid-January, she declared me as cured of this 'evil darkness' that has haunted and jinxed me.  Gee ... that was kind of fast. 

I must say, she needed to get me off her back so she can move on and scam the next victim she's 'fished'.

I reported her to the San Diego Police Department and my case was assigned to Detective Olson of the Northern Division.  I was informed we need to have more victims come forward in order to proceed with a prosecution through the District Attorney.  Please, if anybody has had a similar experience with this woman who goes by the name of Miss Kay or Miss Kayleen please contact  Here is one of her internet ads, click on this link and here are pictures of her and her houses on Exchange Place and Prospect Place in La Jolla, CA.  The detective recently informed me that her surname is 'Williams'.  She has a husband and adult children and grandchildren some of which live with her in her house on Exchange Place.  I've seen one daughter of hers who is probably in her early twenties, a strawberry blond and I believe her name is 'Ginger'.  This daughter of hers is a psychic reader as well.

I conclude with a plea to all victims to not give up the fight.  These scumbags of the gypsy race are unrelenting in their predatory nature and practice.  Pity their children brainwashed to take on their legacy.  Their children will end up preying on other innocent victims which could very well be our children.  We must not let them get away with it and all the more not let their children see they can get away with it.  People, please come forward and speak up.  Don't think you will be humiliated.  You are definitely not alone as a victim and, in the end, you will feel vindication and a sense of satisfaction that you did your share to put away these parasites of our society hopefully for good.     


If you received a letter from a psychic or astrologer, please send us a copy! This is only one example of this so-called psychic's letter. There may be other letters peddling similar useless lucky charms and paraphernalia.

See this page for how to try to get a refund and how to stop their emails.

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