Astrology and Psychic Scams:
How can I get my money back and my name off their mailing lists?

Have you lost money to a psychic? Are you now receiving loads of spam and scam emails? Would you like the calls and spam emails to stop?  Here's how.

What are astrology scams?

Psychic scams prey on people's emotional vulnerabilities. Self-proclaimed psychics claim to have had visions or have foreseen your lucky numbers. These scamsters advise that you could come into a fortune if only you send funds to mail boxes for talismans, golden eggs or fortune telling guides to personal wealth. Or that the psychic will give you a reading or session. And of course, it usually starts with a free reading, "just for you".

 For a fee, they will send your lucky numbers, "wish amplifiers", talisman or other paraphernalia, which will bring you great personal wealth, often through playing lotteries or other games of chance. The talisman are often plastic junk items such as beads or even cards.

How can I get my money back and my name off their mailing lists

First, we're not going to offer you much hope; after all these people are scammers.  However, some of them operate businesses which are technically legal.  Many governments allow psychics to operate - if you believe in psychics, government isn't going to stop your from throwing your money away. But that means the psychic has something to lose by not refunding your money - a complaint on record with a public agency like the Better Business Bureau ( in the U.S. and Canada)

If you have paid money to a scammer who has a place of business, ask them for a refund and ask that they take your name off their mailing list. It is important to state your name and address exactly as it is typed on the letter or email you received. Below is a sample letter to use.

If there is no information offering a money back guarantee or the ability to unsubscribe, then it is probably not worth trying: don't respond to the letter or email.  

If you receive multiple letters, check whether your name and address is spelled differently.

If you have not paid them and have not responded to them,  don't reply to them - that will just ensure you get more spam, because you are confirming that your address is active.  Instead, just change your email address.

Sample refund request letter:




To whom it may concern:

In reference to my account with you, <enter your account number or ID or login name with the psychic here>, I am writing to request a refund of ______ amount. In light of a refund, I will not file a complaint with public reporting agencies.

I am not satisfied with the services rendered and you stated that their is a satisfaction guarantee.

I also request that that I not receive any further mail and state as follows:


1.            Please remove my name and address from your mailing list and the mailing list of your associated companies;


2.            Please do not pass my name and address to any other companies;


3.            Please notify your list broker to remove my name and address from their mailing list.


Thanking you.



Yours sincerely






Name (as it appears on letter)

Address (as it appears on letter)


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FAQ's from "Gypsy / Spiritualist Scams"

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  2. How does the fortune telling con work? 
  3. What is a "confidence crime"? 
  4. What is a "Gypsy" exactly, and where do they come from?  
  5. How could a whole culture of people -- Gypsies -- really all be that focused on crime and ripping people off without any conscience at all? How could they do it so convincingly?  
  6. If it's really phony, then why would they go to so much trouble to put on an act? Why would they make us undergo such elaborate prayer in their living rooms? Why so much effort? Aren't there easier ways to steal someone's money?  
  7. What about all the Christian/religious stuff in their homes? All of their talk about God and Jesus and goodness?  
  8. If these Gypsies are really stealing my money, then why do they all live in such modest, run down homes in need of repair? Where does the money go?  
  9. "I can see where other Gypsies are scam artists pretending to be psychic healers. But mine really is. She does really care, I've seen it. And she knows too much about me to not have powers. She cares too much."  
  10. You're at rock bottom (And this spiritualist truly cares and wants to help you) What are your options?

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