Recommended Products for Antivirus, Anti-Spam,,Anti-Spyware and Internet Security

Recommended Products

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Comprehensive Products
(antivirus, anti-adware/spyware, anti-spam, internet security, etc.)

Both Symantec's "Norton Antivirus" and McAfee's Antivirus products work very well. But we do feel that Norton by Symantec Security Premium is the best security package, including anti-malware, identity theft protection, anti-virus, etc.  product on the market today. Click on the box at left for more information. Or for more information]  If you are looking for a free product, ZoneAlarm still has a freeware version and has built a devoted following.

Kapersky's suite is ok. See this page for our anti-virus, anti-spyware and identity theft protection software recommendations

All 4 products do a pretty good job of working unobtrusively to block virus, trap spam, add a software firewall and remove adware and spyware. Norton and Kapersky's products also integrates with Microsoft Outlook.  This really helps to overcome the security weakness that are still inherent in Outlook, as well as to more effectively filter and block spam.

We have noticed that every year, from early January until April 15th, you can find both products, but especially Norton on sale, as an upgrade, for nothing.  That is correct: if you own a previous version (usually of either product), the will rebate the cost of the product. In some cases, you must buy some tax software, like TurboTax Basic, but sometimes not even that. Don't ever pay full list price for any of these - we always have links to considerable discounts here.

You can view more information or order ZoneAlarm Internet Security here.

You can get Norton Internet Security AntiSpyware Edition here - last we looked, it was $40, with our discounts and rebates.

If you prefer McAfee, they have a comprehensive product, too, but as of May, it did not include anti-spyware; you had to buy that separately.  On the other, hand, the product is free after rebates.  Click here to get McAfee Internet Security Suite.

Note that a portion of the rebates offer are upgrades - so you would have to have a previous version of either product to get the full amount of the rebates.  Click on the links about and read the "rebates" or "specials" links there for details.

Finally, a third product that is very popular, less expensive, and considered to be effective is PC-Cillin.  You can get PC-Cillin here for less.

Antivirus Products

Again, both Symantec's "Norton Antivirus" and McAfee's Antivirus products work very well, and similarly, both have big discounts and price reductions, via rebates, from early January until April 15th.

You can see the features and/or get Norton Antivirus here, through Amazon, with the rebates; usually for about $6. Our links are very competitive, and you can download the rebate forms yourself from there.

And you can see the features and/or get McAfee VirusScan here, although, it seems to cost more than Norton; last we looked, Amazon had it for $15 after rebates.. 

For more detailed comparison, see this page.

Anti-Spyware and Anti-Adware Products'

Webroot's SpySweeper and CA's Pest Petrol are a couple of the best.

You can get Webroot Spy Sweeper AntiSpyware here for about $27.

You can get eTrust PestPatrol 2005 Anti-Spyware here for about $10 after rebates.


For a comprehensive list of many products, click here!

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