Scams in the UK: Safety or Anti-Drugs Sponsorship Scam

Road Safety / Anti-Drugs Sponsorship Scam

Targeting Businesses in the UK

If you have a business in the UK, be on the alert for a phone call from a fictitious company that will claim someone from your organisation has agreed to sponsor a road safety or anti-drugs leaflet for local schools.

The scammers claim to be working for an emergency services publication company, and they need to confirm your business's details following the financial agreement.

In another variation of the scam, advertising in the publications is offered in exchange for financial sponsorship.

The scammers may make a mock copy of a publication  and send it to the business, for "confirmation of details" to create an appearance of legitimacy.

If the business disagrees or refutes the agreement or payment, follow-up calls from the scammer often threaten legal action.

If you believe that you may be the  victim of this scam, contact your local trading standards agency.

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