Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer

Information within has been primarily gleaned from government websites, court records, established fraud agencies, national and international press organizations and enforcement actions.  All persons are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law, even despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Actions and documented behaviors of individuals, however, will be described accurately and explicitly.  Unless otherwise stated, all opinions stated are either those of government agencies and officials, or taken from correspondences received from persons identifying themselves as victims.

Note that names used in scams and by scammers are often invented by the scammers or taken from phone directors and websites, meaning there is usually NO connection between a scammer and the names used in the scam.  The vast majority of the time, the legitimate owner of the name used has NO involvement in the scam and often no knowledge of the scam.  In publishing an example of the scam here, we are attempting to expose the scam and scammer, not connect a person or business that may or may not exist with the scam.

Reference to any firm or individual, in any form, within any section, does not imply any wrongdoing or illegal behavior. All persons or companies mentioned on the site are invited to reply to comments or statements with an alternate view of events or ask that a page be removed.

The site headings referencing: Schemes, Scams, Frauds; which are consistent throughout the entire site; are not a statement of facts to be attributed to any person or entity mentioned within, but merely identify the site itself. 

Any innuendo which may be attributed to any party mentioned shall be deemed a comment based on facts truly stated.

Derogatory statements made in error will be swiftly removed upon request and will be accompanied with a posted apology if requested.

As there will inevitably be those con artists who, having absconded with millions and now living on a beach, will feel slighted by comments or allegations made herein, we have tried to deliberately avoid using individual names in order to avoid nuisance law-suits.  Another reason for omitting their names is that we do not wish to grant them any fame or glory for their misdeeds!

Unfortunately, this failure to properly identify concerns, for which complaints have been recorded, prevents individuals from locating them by web searches. is dedicated to consumer protection and advocacy.

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