Make-A-Wish Send a Business Card Hoax

Yeah. Right.  Sending a business card will help this guy.  First, there is no such guy, and second sending him business cards would help.

Here is the email - Remember it is a FAKE:

Dear Friends:

A client of our, Kirk D. Song, D.D.S. of Billings, Montana asked us to participate in a request that a business card be sent to Craig Sheford at the address below. They have participated. We are participating, and we are passing the request on to you.

Seven-year old Craig has a tumor and has little time to live. Craig has turned in a wish to the Children's Make a wish Foundation and has expressed his desire to have entry in the World Book of Records, for the largest collection of business cards received by an individual. Please take time to write or retype this letter on your letterhead and send to twenty businesses of your choice to make Craig's wish come true. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.

Please help to make Craig's wish come true.

Send your business card(s) to:

Craig Sheford
320 Perimeter Center East
Atlanta, GA 38346
Thank you !!!!!

And if you want to see the humorous side of hoax emails, read the spoof of the bubble-boy scams.

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