List of Phone Numbers Coming From Health Insurance Sales Spammers and Scammers

If you went online looking for health insurance, and you entered you phone number on a website, such as, don't be surprised if you are then bombarded by spam calls from telemarketers selling health insurance.  As far as we can see, from our own personal experiences, eHealth makes your phone number to just about anyone.  A few of the callers are legitimate insurance companies but the vast majority are the worst kind of telemarketers selling healthcare policies thatthey resell.  In other words, they are calls from a health insurance broker who simply resells plans from insuance companies. No matter how conving they sound, trust us, they have nothing better than what you can get yourself by contacting the health insurance companies (like Human, Cigna, BlueCross/Blue Shield ANthem, etc.-yourself.  In fact, they are worse, since they bundle and package policies and add ons that you don't need or want, and drive up the overall cost.


Scam or Spam Health Insurance Numbers

These are phone numbers that consumers have reported as being used by telemarketers, brokers, scammers, spammers etc. Some operate "legitimate" businesses (just like used car sales lots and politicians are "legitimate") meaning they are operating with in the law.  But we still rate them as  spammers and scammers because their business model (using harrassing telemarketing calls and selling policies and plans that have little or no real value) makes them scum, in our eyes.


  • 229-299-9965
  •  267-592-4426 Philadelphia, PA 
  • 305-842-2858
  • 305-400-4637 Miami, FL
  • 317-564-3707
  • 412-555-9404
  •  412-555-4487
  • 412-555-9066
  • 765-323-4469
  • 800-533-5125
  • 954-306-9641
  • 770-238-1753
  • 765-323-4469
  • 305-842-2858
  • 800-533-5125
  • 800533-5125
  • 931-279-5030 Kelsi Standlee  



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