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Job and Recruiting Scams:
Renfiled Recruitment Service, London
Dr Peter Wilson, Mrs Nora Ray, Barrister Prince William, UK Visas International Travel and Tour Agency

Have you received an email from Dr Peter Wilson of "Renfiled Recruitment Service" in London (or ANYWHERE else) offering you a job? But oddly, they require you to pay the "courier company" to send documents, visa's or other items, or cash a large advance check and send some of the money via Western Union?  "Barrister Prince William"??? Is the scammer trying to make this scam absurd? They even misspelled the name of their own company as "Renfiled"!

At some point in the scam, you will either:

  • be asked to send money via Western Union to pay a fee or
  • you will receive a very authentic looking check, which will later turn out to be a forgery, after you have sent part of the money from the check via Western Union to the scammer or elsewhere.

It is an AFF / Money transfer Scam.  They'll send you counterfeit checks which you are supposed to deposit, take out some amount, and then MoneyGram or Western Union wire the remaining 90%. There's a reason for this: Western Union and MoneyGrams are cashed immediately and are untraceable and irretrievable. Bank checks can take 1 or 2 weeks to clear!

Of course, since the check is fake, it will bounce a week or so later after you deposit it.  But you have already moneygram'ed the scammers the 90% of the amount, and that is transacted almost instantly.  So you now owe the bank for the full amount. You may also face criminal charges for passing counterfeit checks. See this page for a step-by-step explanation of how the scam unfolds.

In the email below, there are some many red flags, we can't imagine any way it could be legitimate.  Any time any potential employer asks you to send money via Western Union, IT MUST BE A SCAM. No legitimate company would transfer money this way.  They will all have access to a more secure bank wire or direct deposit method.

Other clues that this is a scam are:

  • The correspondence contains very odd phrases, strange syntax, poor spelling, poor grammar, capitalization and punctuation.  Clearly not written by an educated business professional.
  • The emails are sent OR replied to from a free email account (yahoo, hotmail, gmail,,, etc.) not a company domain address.
  • There is no verifiable company physical address and phone number
  • There is no company website or it is clearly shoddy and unprofessional

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Notice the passages we have highlighted in the actual scam email below. 

Sample Job Recruiting scam email:

From Renfield Recruitment Service London on behalf of the Bellow stated Firm in The United kingdom London.

For Castrol London

Wakefield House, Pipers Way  

Swindon, SN3 1RE London,  

United Kingdom   


Phone:+ 447024012130   

Placement/Employment Confirmation Letter From Castrol London

Dear George Clooney  , 

This email  is coming to you on your success and emergence from other applicants for the same post/job you applied as your hard copies of your employment offer have been sent out to the Visa processing officer. This mail is coming from us based on the following as agreed by the panel that is in authority for this project of Castrol Motor Oils And Lubricants London.

The time taken to make this selection and placement was to totally confirm the authenticity and truthfulness in your received resume, also in other to place you in a better position which suite your experience and age ,we have to confirm from your reference as disclosed in your resume/CV before issuing out this offer letter as you were not orally or electronically interviewed.

Your resume was received on December 2007 and after the confirmation of all background check run on your profile from your embassy here in London, you are selected and placed as  stated in your offer letter Certificate of employment.

The selection and the appointment are done automatically with out any online or telephonic interview and was based on the following as stated below:

1. Curriculum Vitae and other essential Qualification 2. Places and Offices held previously which correspondent with the present offer.

3. The level of experience that is needed.

Attached herewith are your:

1. Letter of appointment

2. Terms of agreement which you are to read very well, accept by printing and signing same.

The Hard copies documents have been sent to the UK Visas International Travel and Tour Agency  who will solicit on the preparation of your Visas and Work permit with the British High Commission earlier.

The same will be sent to you through courier service after all formalities have been accomplished with the UK Visas International Travel and Tour Agency.

Upon your Arrival to London, Your credentials will be compared and screened and also you will undergo job and company elaboration workshop for two weeks for:

1.         Job Profile

2.         Job Specification and orientation

3.         Company Profile

4.         Seal of Contract

You are advised to sign and send the appointment documents as an attachment to the UK Visas International Travel and Tour Agency here in London through the email below and contact phone number because:

* We have agreement with the UK Visas International Travel and Tour Agency to assist all our employees especially so that it will be easier for them. So that there will be no need of transferring of documents illegally by the company or the employee.

*The documents that are needed for any employee to work in London should come from the UK Visas International Travel and Tour Agency.

Scan and send the soft copies of appointment letters and the signed agreement Letter to:


Barrister. Prince William,

UK Visas International Travel and Tour Agency

140 Norton House, Stock well Park Road

London, SW9 0UJ,

United Kingdom Visa and Permit Center.



Phone:   +447031939743

Chief Legal Processing Officer Of Employment Visa and Resident (HSMP).

Note: As written in the terms of agreement, every employee is to get the traveling documents and incur the expense personally. The Company will be reimbursed all the expense and also make additional payment of GBP 6000 (Great Britain Pounds) to the employee as imposed by law for Damages.

This is because the expense should be incurred by the company but due to the past experience we encountered by procuring Visas for unserious employees who after did not work with us and work with other companies who did not render help in their immigration work and residence permit procurement, we then agreed that every employee should incur the expense of getting the Visas and the work permit directly from London and apply for reimbursement with the following:

1.         Letter for reimbursement addressed to the Chief Accountant Dr. Steve Martins.

2.         Scanned copy of payment receipts.

3..        Application for payment of damages incurred during the process of procurement of Visas.

4.         Approval Letter from the immigration agent here in London.

5.         Letter for the 75% advance salary of the first month.

6.         Account information where the reimbursement will be paid.

Once again, congratulations as we look forward in seeing you achieve your career goals with Castrol Petroleum Service London.

For more details about your employment offer kindly contact the HR Manager

Mrs Nora Ray


Phone: 00(+)447024012130

Thanks and have a nice day.

Once again congrats.  


Dr Peter Wilson

Renfiled Recruitment Service London

Chief Recruitment Officer For Castrol London Email:

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